5.”Words of Love: Discovering the Magic of Love Poems”

love poem

Introduction to love poem:

Love poems have been an integral part of human expression for centuries, allowing individuals to express the intense and often indescribable feelings associated with love. These poetic verses hold special significance in capturing the magic and beauty of love, transcending time and cultural boundaries. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into the world of love poems, exploring their importance in human relationships, their power to evoke emotion, and their timeless ability to leave a lasting impression.

Importance of Love Poems:
Love poems serve as testimony to the depth and complexity of human emotion, especially the intense feelings associated with love. They provide a medium for individuals to express their innermost thoughts and feelings, beyond the limits of ordinary language. Love poems have the power to encapsulate the entire spectrum of human emotion – romantic passion, longing, desire, tenderness, heartbreak and devotion – in a concise and artistic manner.

These poetic expressions of love hold an important place in human culture and history. For centuries, love poems have served as a means of courtship, a declaration of devotion, and a source of solace in times of heartache. Written by famous poets and anonymous authors alike, each poem offers a unique glimpse into the human experience of love.

Love poems have the ability to evoke strong emotional responses in readers. The carefully chosen words, vivid imagery and rhythmic flow of love poems can transport us to a world where love reigns supreme. They match our own experiences, sparking a sense of connection and empathy. Love poems can provide a sense of comfort, inspiration, and hope, reminding us of the universality of love and its profound impact on our lives.

In a world where communication has become increasingly digital and fragmented, love poems stand as testament to the enduring power of words. They remind us of the importance of slowing down, embracing the beauty of language, and expressing our deepest feelings with honesty and authenticity. Love poems have the ability to strengthen relationships, deepen ties, and create moments of genuine intimacy. 


May 22,2021: 5.”Words of Love: Discovering the Magic of Love Poems”


Love is that kid you saw looking at the stars.

Love is someone following their dreams.

Love is a someone’s hard earned success.


Love is that inspiration, passion and determination set ablaze in one’s heart.


Love is waking up in the morning, getting out of the bed, facing the world with those dying insides.

Love is when you celebrate birthdays.

Love is when you ace that driving test.

Love is fighting depression until you win.

Love is that feeling of achievement and success.

Love is living the good times to the fullest.

Love is making it through the hardest.


Love is the journey of life; Love is the destination of life.


Love is laughing your heart out.

Love is smiling out of blue.

Love is following your dreams.

Love is believing in yourself.

Love is hoping for the best.


Love is being patient when needed.

Love is being stupid with friends,

Love is not giving up,

Love is understanding yourself,

Love is knowing that even if you failed, you tried your very best.

Love is never stopping to love yourself.

Love is starting to love yourself.


Love is loving yourself.

Love is you who came into my life.

Love is you who broke all the walls in my mind.

Love is you who brought warm bright light into darkest and coldest corners of mine.

Love is you who cured my rotting insides.

Love is you who is lively, fierce, crazy, sensitive, funny, cute, hot, sexy, wise, smart, patient and kind.

Love is you who taught me all about love.

Love is you with whom I have fallen in love.

Oh yes it’s true.

juliya, for me love, love is you.

Written by

Piyush Mahamuni

5.1 Loving is not a sin

July 17, 2021: 5.”Words of Love: Discovering the Magic of Love Poems”

Loving is not a sin.

Holding yourself back from loving is.

Loving only halfheartedly is.

Not letting love grow wild, young, fierce, passionate is.

Not letting love grow distant, cold and hurtful is.

Then not letting love grow mature, old, soft, empathetic is.

Not letting love grow close, warm and peaceful is.

Not letting love take you on this beautiful journey of growth is.

Not loving enough that you forget not to hurt anyone is.

Don’t hold back cause, loving is not a sin.

Written by

Piyush Mahamuni

5.2 You Are Fortunate

October 18, 2021: 5.”Words of Love: Discovering the Magic of Love Poems”

You are Fortunate

Even if you are heartbroken,

even if the person you love doesn’t love you back,

even if you have spent days and nights crying,

wishing for a different past, present and future,

even if the air hangs heavy in your chest,

you are fortunate.

You are fortunate if you have loved somebody like that.

Because when you love, you live.

So don’t be just sad anymore;

Know that you are fortunate.

Don’t just cry anymore;

Know that you’re in love.

How beautiful is that!

The tear runs to your lips because it loves too.

It’s in love with your smile.

Smile too.

Smile because you are in love.

Smile because you are fortunate.


I’m fortunate even among fortunate.

The tear and smile envy me alike.

They know that I love her.

They know that I love Emily…

They know that I love Emily…

Written by

Piyush Mahamuni

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